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Why Go With Us?

SmartRent is a property management group that provides full-service in the handling of residential and commercial properties. We are dedicated to managing properties and are quite proficient at it, having had plenty of experience.

We understand the kind of places that we manage as it makes it very easy to give information that is accurate and reliable. If you are an investor or a property owner interested in our services, SmartRent will be able to cater to your needs.

SmartRent takes property management seriously. We understand that property is an asset that needs to be handled in the best way possible. We will maintain this asset and ensure cash is flowing for you as the property owner.

We want you to win because it is the only way we win too. How the asset functions and yields something worth singing about is if we handle it with the utmost care.

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Full-Tenant Service

There is no place you will find people as willing as we are, to give you the full range of services. We will include rent collection, property inspections and monthly financial statements in our array of things that we will do for you.

Finding the Dream Home for You

The experience of finding the best home to move into can be challenging. That is why SmartRent will be very hands-on in the finding of a dream home for you. Give us a call today and find the best property for rent. Make this quest, one that you will enjoy.

We have a portal where you can apply and we make sure that everything you want is provided.

Tenants Finding Homes

When you are just prospecting, we would like to help you find the best home choices. The process of finding a home and applying for it will be easy if you have SmartRent there to hold your hand.

When you move in and become a resident, we will give you everything that will make the choice one you won’t regret. With us, you get a rewarding experience that includes maintenance packages. We love to hear from you when you are a resident so, make the call.

Property Owner Resources

SmartRent likes to make sure that you get to treat the home as your own. We will give you the services that will fit the needs you have as the home owner. The reins will be in your hands. Any time that you will have a problem of any sort, we will be there to help fix it to perfection.  The highest level of service is what we would like to give you.

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Filling the Rental Units

We like to make sure that we follow due process to make this service as efficient as possible. That is why we:

  • Conduct marketing strategies to get the units occupied.
  • Use a screening process to ensure safe resident placement.
  • Ensure Property Compliance Analysis.
  • Offer sound Investment Portfolio Advice.

With these and more strategies, we get the rental units filled as soon as possible and in the safest and most legal way.

Renting Process

Our process for renting out units is filled with steps that are aimed at making it easy for everyone involved. We will:

  • Ensure rent collection and processing is done efficiently.
  • Provide monthly financial and general status reports.
  • Conduct inexpensive maintenance and repair exercises.
  • Ensure legal due process for municipal registration, House Code Violations, MDE, HUD and everything else.

We believe that legal compliance with laws and a good relationship with the law protects you from any hiccups caused by being careless.

Maintenance and Management

We like to make sure that we have taken care of everything down to the minute details of it all. That is why we will:

  • Perform the duties of obtaining the professional lead certification, clean the place up and exterminate anything that is a bother.
  • Do all the court filings and appearances on time.
  • Table hearings about things like bills reduction and citation reduction or abatement.
  • Conduct a most dignified and legally correct eviction process in the event that one is needed.

As you can see, we pay attention to the details so you don’t have to.